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50th Annual BCU Alumni

The 50th Annual National Alumni Convention Bethune-Cookman University



ORLANDO - What a night of celebrations, smiles and laughter. So many individuals were recognized for their outstanding dedication to B-CU as they celebrated their 50th Annual National Alumni Convention. When you give back our Father will give back to you. Amen! So yes there are individuals who work on the front line constantly giving back in any way they can to help offer a better and healthier lifestyle. They start with education first because a brain is a terrible thing to waste. I heard that somewhere before, but I can't remember where. Lol! Let's just keep it real. We must educate our children so that they can do the same with their children. They will do this because we did the right thing by making sure we did our part. The entertainment, The Love Band, presenters, hosts, greeters and the line dancers were just amazing. Bethune-Cookman University was and still is the topic. The alumni are just getting started at their 50th Annual National Alumni Convention. Can you see all the honorees and Bethune-Cookman University? DJ Ken Moore, The King of line dancing and my beautiful wife and I had a great time at this year's annual National Alumni Convention which happens to be their 50th year. The alumni have raised $100,000 to be donated to Bethune-Cookman University. This is awesome! Don't you think so? I do! This is big news! I'd like to thank Commissioner Samuel B. Ings of District 6 for inviting my wife and me to join him for dinner with him and his beautiful wife, Mrs. June Ings. Commissioner Ings’ wife was one of the highlight moments of the event when she started singing to Commissioner Ings. She has a beautiful voice. She was just awesome! All I can say is that's right, you missed out on a history breaking moment. The next time... Don't Meet Me There, Beat. Me There!