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Jackie And Jack Wingz And Thingz And Jimmie Drop D Williams Presented The 6th Annual American Family Expo "Walking In Our Streets"


ORLANDO - My wife and I got up on the morning of the event on Saturday, July 3rd, 2021 not knowing what to expect after watching the news all week saying there was an expected 60% to 70% chance of rain every day. Sometimes it would rain two or three times a day in Florida. Lol! I asked my friend in the day before the event to look at the weather app to see what it said about the weather for the day of the event and they said it was 80% chance of rain, but it
wouldn't start to rain until
Lol! I started smiling to myself because hearing that made me happy. I said to unknown_(4)(1)myself, "we're going to have a great day." Lol! Well when my wife and I got up the next morning it was already raining at 6am. I said,"Wow, I'm going to hurt my friend(playfully)who said rain will start at 6pm. Lol!" We setup the event in the rain. The people that volunteer at these community events with me are also my friends and family members. When they all got to the event that next morning they said they were waiting for my phone call saying that I've canceled the event. My wife was smiling and said Jimmie Williams has never canceled an event at 50% chance or 80% chance of rain because he's crazy like that. Lol! I had so much fun that day in the rain. It was such a memorable day. I will never forget it. We showed up and were thereunknown_(3)(2) and ready for the 6th Annual "American Family Expo" walking in our streets with free dinners that included BBQ Chicken, Baked Beans, Green Beans, Rice, Popcorn, Cotton Candy and Snow Cones. A big thank you goes out to Jackie and Jack Wingz and Thingz for hosting this awesome event. Jackie and Jack of Wingz and Thingz cooked and served food. Mr. Jack was on the BBQ grill and man that BBQ chicken was off the chain. Ms. Jackie put her foot in that macaroni and cheese and baked beans. I'll tell you this, Ms. Jackie can cook. Go see her at Wingz and Thingz. Tell her I sent you. Lol! It's not for free though. On Saturday, July 3
rd, 2021 Ms. Jackie gave back to her community in a big way. Our community partners that helped made this a successful event was Liberty Dental Plan, Windom Solutions, Jackie and Jack Wingz and Thingz, The Orlando Times newspaper, ABC Little Harvest's DayCare, Health Insurance Mr. Sandon Baker, Sonsy Style and Walmart. Also let's not forget the most important people of all and that's the volunteers. Thanks to Mrs. Diann Williams, Mr. Kevin T. Collins, Ms. Jackie and Mr. Jack and their families, Ms. Carmen Rojas, Ms. Michelle Olliver for cooking that good rice and Jackie Smith (aka Jackrabbit) the firewood guy for the BBQ grill. Five *****Stars Goes To Jackie and Jack of Wingz and Thingz. On behalf of ABC Little Harvest's DayCare and Sandon Baker for gift cards to give away and to our guest at the event. We will see you all next year somewhere in the big beautiful City of Orlando. Stay Safe!