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The Price of Freedom


“For the LORD does not see as man sees, for man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.” 1 Samuel 16:7

BY ANITA SAYAGO of EDANA Entertainment

It’s becoming alarmingly apparent that racial injustice must be met with swift consequence, if we are to put an end to the racial inequities and blatant disregard for black lives in our country. However, it stands to reason that if we don’t repair the injustices of the past, consistently, and methodically, we certainly can’t expect any real change in the present, as we all know that history has a tendency to repeat itself. The past by its very nature will echo the injustices it suffered, but we must declare the advancements of our civil rights predecessors, diligently and thunderously. While we can't change how things transpired, or the lives lost in this insidious battle, we must honor the civil rights trail blazers that lit the way.

Harry T. and Harriette V. Moore are the undisputed pioneer leaders and first martyrs of the civil rights movement in our country.

HARRY T. MOORE - Pioneer Leader & Martyr of the Civil Rights Movement

In his quest for justice and equality, Harry T. Moore knew that real change would require him to live without fear and stand steadfast in his faith with little concern for the establishments that would make it their mission to prevent his progress and worse. That is exactly what he did as he sought to amplify the voices of blacks during a time that wanted nothing more than to silence them in whatever fashion they deemed necessary.

“I’m going to keep doing it, even if it costs me my life...I may live to be a ripe old age or I may be killed tomorrow, or next month, or perhaps never, but I intend to do this until the day I die.” - Harry T. Moore

 HarryTYoungandOldHappyHolidaysNewsletterUnfortunately, very few people still know little about Harry T. Moore, yet his impact on the civil rights movement, and his incredible contributions, preceded those of Martin Luther King, Jr. Medgar Evers and Malcolm X.

Harry T. Moore was a husband, father, teacher and civil rights activist whose tenacity and relentless pursuit of equality would ultimately cost him his life, and that of his beloved wife, Harriette. He chose to persist in a climate that was bent on derailing him, and made very significant progress in his fight. A climate, that albeit over seventy years ago, sadly still exists and is resolute in impeding progress for the proper and equal treatment of blacks.

In 1934, Harry started the Brevard County NAACP in Florida and by 1941 he would organize the Florida State Conference of the NAACP. During his first two years, he would organize an additional 63 NAACP chapters in Florida. In addition, he fought for equal rights for blacks, equal pay for black teachers and assisted over 160,000 black citizens in voter registration. During all of his pursuits for justice and equality, his wife, Harriette was by his side, assisting and supporting him in every way possible. When their daughters, Juanita Evangeline and Annie Rosalea were old enough, they too would give their time and efforts to the cause without hesitation.

Sadly, as many leaders on the frontlines of change, their activist efforts were met with much resistance. Ultimately, Harry and his wife Harriette, would be fired from their teaching positions, and although this would make the circumstances in which they lived incredibly challenging, it would not stop them in the slightest, nor would it end Harriette’s faithful support of his efforts.

Now, more than ever, the story of the Moore’s needs to be told. No life can be discounted in this fight, and Harry and Harriette paid the ultimate price for the incredible efforts and contributions they made. Their deaths ended their personal fight and quest horrifically, and left their two daughters orphans. We cannot turn a blind eye to this unspeakable tragedy.

Top Cat II Productions with Founder and Producer Walter T. Shaw, at its helm, has spent the last 4 years making it their mission to amass the truth and share the Moore's story with the masses in an effort to achieve justice and equality in their name. Mr. Shaw has been fervent in his efforts with the release of the book, The Bomb Heard Around the World, in hardback last year and the audio book slated for release this month. In order to further advance his efforts and shed light on the Moore’s, Mr. Shaw now joins playwright John DiDonna to bring the story of Harry T. and Harriette V. Moore to the stage with their new work titled, “The Price For Freedom.” The audience will be invited to get to know the beauty of Harry and Harriette’s hearts, and the passion they shared for their cause. It will also serve to chronicle the beginnings of the NAACP in Florida, the case of the Groveland Four, as well as, the very start of what we know as the modern civil rights movement.
ROUND_CIRCLEIn order to properly cast and execute a production of this caliber, an Indiegogo campaign will be established where all proceeds will go directly towards the production of the play. To donate visit:

Special thanks to all those who have generously contributed to keeping the memory of the Moore’s alive.

If we are to honor the Moore’s appropriately, and any man or woman that has been killed or mistreated simply because of the color of their skin, we must see to it that we continue their legacy and push forth their ideals of creating a society of equality, freedom and justice for all. Everything we do in the name of the Moore’s will advance this.

"Freedom never descends upon a people. It is always bought with a price. " - Harry T. Moore 1951

Soon, everyone will know their name…. HARRY T. and HARRIETTE V. MOORE