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The Bus Ride To Knowledge Is A Bus Ride To Success! Where Is Your Bus Going?



ORLANDO - I'm just going to tell you that the trip was awesome in my opinion as President of the Holden Height Neighborhood Association in District 6 of Orlando, Florida. All communities face situations which brings me to the topic at hand "Trauma." All communities across the world face forms of trauma. I think that by implementing the program Peace4Tarpon now would give my community the upper hand. Dr. Kevin M. Sherin and I spoke briefly about bringing Peace4Tarpon on "The Shake it Off Health Expo Tour" as a way to introduce it to the Holden Height Community, the county and City of Orlando. All the partners that are a part of this first of its kind program are just amazing. I'd like to Mayor Chris Alahouzos of Tarpon Springs, Florida for having us in his beautiful city. To my City of Orlando Commissioner Samuel B. Ings of District 6, on behalf of the HOA, thank you for thinking of our community. To Peace4Tarpon "TRAUMA INFORMED BUILDING RESILIENCY," thanks for the great opportunity to visit the beautiful St. Pete campus, luncheon and experiencing the program first hand. To the Mayor of Tarpon Springs, we thank you for your warm welcome and fellowship in your beautiful city. I think the comments from the people on the bus and the ones that attended can explain exactly why we were there in the beautiful City of Tarpon Springs Florida. Commissioner Samuel B. Ings, of District 6, "It was my pleasure, honor and desire to sponsor the bus trip to Tarpon Springs, Florida, for the committee of the Community Health Improvement Board of the Florida Department of Health of Orange County, with Dr. Kevin Sherin. Our purpose was to explore and see how Tarpon Springs became the first, "Trauma Informed Community In The Nation" and how we can here in Orlando, become a trauma informed community, especially, for Holden Heights, which is in my district. It is my hope and mission to build resiliency, connect, transform, heal and build a healthy community for Holden Heights". Dr. Kevin M. Sherin, “A bus load of enthusiastic Orlando folks led by Commissioner Samuel B. Ings and Larry Williams made a trip to Tarpon Springs today to learn about the Trauma informed community. The trip was wonderful. We met with enthusiastic folks at St .Pete College led by Robin Saenger. We made connections to work together and learned strategies to help Orlando become a trauma informed community too. It takes a village and we made new friends too. I learned a lot and hope to put it to good use”. Fayshonda Cooks, DrPH (candidate), RN, BSN, MPH, President, Healthcare Access Alliance, "It was enlightening and encouraging to hear more about Tarpon Springs' groundbreaking Peace4Tarpon initiative focused on addressing community challenges from the root upwards. It's a great example of the significance of strong collaboration, compassion, and commitment in making positive changes for holistically healthier communities. I'm excited about the potential for Orlando to create similar synergistic efforts on our path to a healthier and safer city. When All are In, We All Win”. Shannon Krukonis, Behavior Specialist YMCA of the Suncoast, “The reason why I will be a lifetime member of Peace4Tarpon is because no matter what difficult topic is being discuss or addressed (revolving around trauma) at our meetings/workshops, I ALWAYS feel supported, my ideas valued. It's beautiful and I'm honored to be a part of this amazing movement!” Chris Hrabovsky, C.Ht., "With our combined efforts, we can get our State to fund Trauma Recovery Centers by no longer wasting funds on locking up nonviolent poor and homeless people". Patrice Scott Legal Services of Mid – Florida, “I had an amazing time today on the visit to Tarpon Springs coordinated by Commissioner Ings. What an awesome road trip and well worth waking up at 4:00am to attend. Our group consisted of a cross-section of Representatives from several organizations in Orlando including the Orlando Health Department and Commissioner Ings. We were warmly greeted in Tarpon Springs with a reception and training on how communities can deal with Trauma. As a Legal Fellow for Community Legal Services of Mid-Florida, it was an awesome experience. It addressed even the trauma of professions that assist low-income and communities facing hardship. The tools we learned can greatly impact how we respond and serve our clients at Community Legal Services of Mid - Florida. What a wonderful start to the weekend.”