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Commissioner Samuel B Ings District 6 Out In The Holden Heights Community Giving Back! Thanksgiving Holiday Season!



ORLANDO - How do you know your City Commissioner cares about their community? I can tell you how. When you see your City Commissioner at your front door asking you if you have everything you need for your holiday dinner. That is a dedicated Commissioner. Itís not one that's sitting around in their office waiting on you to do it yourself. They are concerned about the residents in their districts making sure that the elders are also taken care of as well as young mothers that need a helping hand. As for myself, Commissioner Ings knows that I'm disabled and he stopped by my house to see if I needed a helping hand this year for Thanksgiving. Yes I did need it. I'm thankful to have a Commissioner such as Commissioner Samuel B. Ings serving my community. Some of my neighbors were so surprised to hear that their Commissioner was looking for a few families to give them care packages for the holidays. I'm very proud that Commissioner Ings chooses my home as a drop off/ pick up point in Holden Heights where residents could come and pick up the care packages. Oh and yes I did get my care package. A brother's gotta eat. Lol! I Jimmie Williams, President of the Holden Heights Homeowners Association would like to personally thank you on a job well done Commissioner Samuel B. Ings. You are a true blessing to the Beautiful City of Orlando Florida in District 6. The residents of Holden Heights are always asking me, "What is the Commissioner going to do next?" All I can say is stick around. Christmas is coming up. Lol!