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Community Leaders Help

Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer, City Commissioner Samuel B. Ings And Orlando Police Chief John Mina & Roderick S. Williams, City Of Orlando Fire Chief
Hurricane Irma relief efforts on the way!


ORLANDO - Time to get this Hurricane Irma relief moment started. They brought out all the ice they could find and they went around to the community centers meeting with families providing them with water and ice. People were surprised to see Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer, Police Chief John Mina and Commissioner Samuel B. Ings handing out water and ice. During the time they were giving out supplies to the residents, OPD Chief Mina found time to stop for a game of basketball with the youths and Mayor Buddy Dyer filled up a guy’s cooler with ice. As the resident was just sitting out in his front garden relaxing and up popped Orlando's Mayor Buddy Dyer. The smile on that guy's face tells the story. Commissioner Ings was also helping the other officers handing out the water and ice to the residents. As they drove through the parking lot at the James R. Smith Neighborhood Center. The look on some of the residents face said they are overwhelmed with some kind of relief people do care. The Orlando Police Department and the Orlando Fire Department work as one trying in some kind of way to help their fellow citizens in a time of need. Our Mayor Buddy Dyer is just another man trying to do the best that any man could do with his job as the Mayor of the beautiful City of Orlando, Florida. Amen! These are the times we stick together as a human race and hold each other's hand to make sure we all overcome some of the tougher times. I'm not quite sure who supplied the ice and water but what an awesome gesture. Right! Yes that's right I don't know everything. Lol! Stop it I say! Listen get up, get out and bless someone. We're not halfway through the hurricane season and another one is on the way. Prepare yourself now. Don't wait. You see what happened to the ones that waited. You did see it, right! So listen to your Government officials. Let's not to be reactive. But be proactive. It's better to be safe.