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Kathleen Gordon Awarded

Ms. Kathleen "Kat" Gordon Awards Ceremony!
Orange County School Board Member! 



     ORANGE COUNTY - Before the ceremony the Oakridge High school orchestra put on a spectacular performance. The Conductor was Ms. Janice R. Roberts. Playing 1st Violin: Telvin Coleman, Nashli Volcy, Thamar Janvier and Fabrizzi Dluca. 2nd Violin: Dave Seraphin, Darwens Pollas, and Landy Joseph. Viola: Ian Almonte, and Zoe Nelson. Cello: Dandre Weaver, Blandine Sanon, Marquasha Myers, Jeremy Powell, Alton Turner, and Nathalie St. Fort. I myself play the bass guitar. So while I was reading the program I came across these words: The question was "WHY?" Why Orchestra? Why Care? Why grow from virtually nothing to a recognized organization? Speaking from experience, it's because of sheer love....... Whereas math, reading and science are necessary, so too is music. In math you an individual writing numbers and equations, but in music you are a group. In this group, this family, you draw upon to come together for a common goal-to play music. Music is freedom and expression, Music is a break away from routine and demands. Music is irreplaceable. That's "Why"!. Rebecca Crosby 2016. Don't ask me the truth and I won’t tell you no lies! When I started this about six years ago I didn't see this coming. My good friend Mr. Derrick Gatlin would ask me, "why are you doing this and what are you expecting from it all?" Well he was surprised when he heard why. I do this to make history so that my kids and my grandkids can say that their grandfather was on front lines in Orlando, Florida making a difference. I love my wife, Mrs. Diann Williams, for standing with me and also sharing these moments that Our Lord has blessed us with. I didn't think about that when you’re doing the right things people want to tell you thanks for going above and beyond the call of duty. Here we are standing in front of the whole Orange County School Board receiving an award for giving back to communities and more importantly District 5.  Although Drop D No Limits Foundation works in all communities, it was an honor to stand with Ms. Kathleen "Kat" Gordon to receive this great award. Ms. Gordon is one of my heroes. She set standards as what we're supposed to be doing as great leaders. My wife and I are so busy that we had to leave the event early because of other events that our foundation had coming up. On behalf of Drop D No Limits Foundation my wife and I would like to say thank you for support and for giving us a great award.