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ORLANDO - Mr. Ken Terrell asked me for a ride to his office and we got to taking about everyday life things. Things like health issues. Mr. Ken said that he's on about 13 billboards across Central Florida. I said, "Man stop playing! He said, "No Mr. Williams I'm not playing, I really am on those billboards, but I don't know where they are because I just found out that they was done with them." So now you guys know that I am nosey. So I asked, "What are the billboard for?" Mr. Ken said, "The billboards are for The Outreach Prevention." I asked, "Mr. Ken tell me a little about yourself. He replied, "Well I'm Ken Terrell Director of outreach/prevention for Crew Health. I'm also the Chairman for the City of Mayors Committee on Livability & Healthy aging. I've been working in the community providing assistance to get tested and into care for 13 years." I also met the CEO of Crew Health and Mr. Ken Terrell's team members. Mr. Ken said the numbers are getting higher every day. We need to do something about it, so look for my billboards. Lol! Mr. Ken says he is excited because he knows we are going to make a difference.