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Evans High Students Create In-School Enterprise The Entertainment Production & Management Magnet Program

Students From Evans High School’s Entertainment Production & Management Magnet Program Working a Food Drive Event


ORLANDO - Lights, Camera, Action! Evans High School’s Entertainment Production & Management Magnet program teaches students to develop proficiency in the back-of-house areas of theatre production.

It focuses on the technical, organizational, and managerial knowledge and skills necessary to bring arts, media, and entertainment to the public.

The program started at Evans about six years ago, initially it started as a collection of workshops through a collaboration between Valencia College, Evans High, and the United Arts of Central Florida.

“I think a program like this is beneficial for students because it allows students to experience the arts in a different way,” said Tavius King, Magnet teacher, previous Program Coordinator. “A lot of times when we’re talking about the arts we are thinking about what happens on stage or in front of the camera, this program is different because it takes the focus off of that because it deals with everything back of house.”

The curriculum includes an opportunity to earn technical certification in one of three areas: Digital Media Television Production, Entertainment Design and Technology, or Sound and Music Technology.

Digital Media / TV Production focuses on screenwriting, digital video production, editing, post-production, and image manipulation.

The Entertainment Stage Technology track focuses on stagecraft, lighting, audio, and production for theater, concerts, theme parks, and industrial theater.

While, Sound and Music Production provides a technical understanding of acoustics, audio devices, optics and projectors, as well as hands-on experience in the design, setup, operation of technical systems in the areas of live sound and audiovisual presentations.

Any student has the ability to enter the program. In order to join they have to fill out the application on the Orange County Public Schools (OCPS) website. They select their program of choice. If they are accepted the parent gets an email and they bring that email to the registrar in the guidance office. Once they get there they are assigned a guidance counselor who specializes in the magnet program. There are 30 spots in each track in the program.

They only utilize the student’s elective credits so it does not interfere with their general education. Classes take place on Evans Campus. Students can only begin the magnet in 9th and 10th grade.

“In the future I would like to be in the entertainment business so as of right now it’s given me more connections and since I have this program it gives me a better understanding of what I want to do,” said Karissa Adams, a senior at Evans High School.

Adams is in her fourth year of the program and is certified in Adobe Premier Pro and working toward her Audio certification.


“My second year in the program we had the opportunity to do silent films and I think it was a great opportunity because making a film is challenging enough but doing a silent film is even more challenging,” she said, when asked about her favorite program project.

Once in the program, all students must maintain an unweighted 2.5 GPA. Courses in this program are weighted.

“In middle school I wanted to be an engineer but when I came to high school and they put me in the classes it changed my whole perspective,” said Gerard Reed, a senior at Evans High School. “Mr. King has been with me since I’ve started high school and over the years he has become a parent figure in my life. He introduced me to so much in this industry.”

Reed has been in the program for four years and has his certification in Adobe Premiere. He is currently working on his Photoshop and Audio certifications.

“You get to meet people, network, and expand as a person,” he said. “I would like to start a business in this industry. Take some of the people I’m working with now and go further.”

Students will participate in courses taught by OCPS certified instructors, Valencia College professors, and Orange Technical College instructors. All the while, earning both high school and college credit through Valencia and OTC as part of the Career Pathways Program.

“We have a team that’s called the Sports Media Team which is a team of about 50 kids and they are our campus troopers when it comes to anything media related or event related on this campus,” said King. “It grew from being a couple of classes to this in-school enterprise. That was only possible because of students like Gerald and Karissa.”

Students also have the opportunity to take what they learned in the classroom and apply it in the real world.

“I think the students having the opportunity to participate in an entertainment magnet prepares them for those advance positions in the entertainment industry. We have students who go on to work in Amway and Disney,” said Dr. Jamila Mitchell, Magnet Coordinator at Evans High School. “We want to take the program to the next step. Right now the students are very heavily involved in handling all the events on campus, we want to get to the point that we are serving our community.”

“I hope that would then turn into more internship opportunities. We are hoping if we can get the community to use our students then that would open up more doors for them,” she added.

The applications for the magnet program are currently open but will close up in February.

“The entertainment magnet give us the ability to give students connections to business ventures, to internships, to different people who are already in the industry,” said Casey Waugh Alvarado, Senior Administrator at Evans High School.

More information and the application form for the Evans High Magnet Program, as well as other magnet programs offered on various OCPS campuses can be found at https://www.ocps.net/departments/school_choice/magnet_programs

Additionally, the “Parent Academy Magnet Showcase” will take place on Jan. 25 at Edgewater High School from 12pm-1pm. Evans High will be in attendance to show some of the equipment their students use and videos that the students have created.

Evans will be hosting an open house in February so that interested students can come to the school and tour their studio and classrooms.

“At Orange County Public Schools, our vision is to be the top producer of successful students in the nation. With an emphasis on student success, we’ve created a variety of magnet programs,” said Dr. Barbara Jenkins, OCPS Superintendent, in the Magnet Program booklet. “We are proud to offer our students these exciting educational options.”