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Gabriel Davis 2019

UCF Football Star Gabriel Davis Heads To NFL Draft Young Brother Jordan Davis to Follow his Footsteps


Gabriel Davis (left) with his younger brother Jordan Davis (right)

ORLANDO - Gabriel Davis has made quite the impact on the football field. Standing 6’3, the UCF Wide Receiver and Seminole High School alumni, announced on his personal twitter account that he will be foregoing his senior season at UCF and declaring for the 2020 NFL Draft.

Born in Fernandina Beach, FL, Gabriel Davis was raised in the heart of Sanford, the same place his mother, Alana Davis, grew up.

During her senior year of high school Alana became pregnant with Gabe. Deciding that it would be the best option for her and her now 2-year-old son, she moved back to Sanford, where she raised him as a single mother.

One day while spending time with his granddad, Gary Davis, his interest was piqued when he noticed the Sanford Pop Warner Football Field across the street. While he was hesitant at first, his mother pushed him to play and not give up.

“Football has been the sport I have always been around,” said Gabriel Davis. “I ended up falling in love with it.”

G. Davis went on to play football at Seminole High School where he excelled in both academics and athletics, before being accepted into UCF.

“It’s been a great and surprising experience, I’m blessed to have a great team at this University so far and it can’t get any better,” he said.

Not only a champ on the football field, he is also active in the community, speaking at local schools on various occasions.

“He’s a tremendous athlete, always looking for ways to improve,” said Darrell Wyatt, Wide Receiver’s Coach UCF.  “He has really worked to enhance his skills, as well as just being talented.”

G. Davis’ goal is to become an expert in the game and make it to the NFL, something his new endeavor with the draft will help him to accomplish.

“I am thankful for God blessing me with the opportunity that I have, the gift that I have of playing football,” he said. “Hopefully one day being able to support my family and be a role model to the kids around- from Sanford- to show them you can do something productive if you put your mind to it.”

“My mom [is my inspiration]; watching how she was able to raise all three of us by herself,” he added. “The reason I’m here playing this game is to take care of my mom, so she never has to work again.”

Gabriel is the oldest of 3 siblings, he has a younger sister Kayla and a younger brother Jordan.

His brother is following in his footsteps. A senior at Seminole High School, Jordan is just coming back from a torn ACL injury and is committed to play tight end at UCF next fall. Although, he is hoping to graduate early and join UCF’s team in early January.

“I’m glad,” said G. Davis, about his brother committing to UCF. “Hopefully he’ll be a bigger name than I was here at UCF.”

At 6’4 J. Davis has a larger stature, although their mother says football didn’t come to him as naturally. She even pulled him out of football not long after he started, it wasn’t until high school that he started taking it seriously.

“My plans are going to UCF and learning anything I can,” said J. Davis. “I am going to give 110 percent every single day.”

He is attending UCF on an athletic scholarship.

“It’s obviously a full-time job,” said Coach Wyatt, when asked about student athletes. “Look at it in terms of the amount of time you have to commit and all the different things you have to do from an academic stand point. Combine that with the amount of time they have to spend improving their craft. I mean it is a full day, everyday challenge.”

Jordan has not chosen his major but he is interested in Sports Medicine and Criminology.

My inspiration is without a doubt my brother,” he said. “He was always doubted in high school but he didn’t listen to anybody. He did what he had to do to be successful and he is very successful now. And all those critics are shutting up.”

Coach Wyatt believes that Jordan can “be a special player as well.”

“We think they are both mature well-mannered young men. Obviously the family has done a great job bringing them up,” he said. “I can’t say enough about the quality of the people they are, above and beyond their athletic abilities.”

With such high praises, it’s no surprise that their mother is very proud of them.

“I’m extremely proud of both of them, not just because who they are on the football field,” she said. “To hear the things that so many people have said about both of them, I just beam with pride and I hold my head high. That means more than any touchdown or record-breaking stat could ever mean to me because football one day is going to be over and it’s going to be about who they are as a person.”

Gabriel set the school single-season receiving record with 1,241 yards and had 12 touchdown catches.

e will leave the UCF Knights as one of the football program’s most prolific wide receivers in its history. He’s currently 10th in receptions (152), seventh in receiving yards (2,447) and second in receiving touchdowns (23), according to NBC Sports.

“Don’t let anyone tell you what you can do. You are in control of everything,” Gabriel said. “I feel that if someone says something negative you should take that and use it as a motivation. That’s the best, proving someone wrong, showing them, you can do something that nobody else said you could do.”