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Highlighting First Responders

Diversity And Recruitment - Highlighting First Responders

Photo Cutline: Lt. Chris Baker 

SEMINOLE COUNTY - Lt. Chris Baker is one of the people who could easily be honored with SCFD’s Employee of the Month Award every month because he always goes above and beyond on all of the Department’s expectations.  

He serves on many committees across our Fire Department, including the Diversity Counsel, CPAT (Candidate Physical Ability Testing), Recruiting and Tactical Fitness Teams, and multiple others, which require his time, talent and attention. 

Lt. Baker always goes the extra mile and spends multiple hours off duty to ensure that the committees and groups that he is a part of run smoothly and efficiently. 

While dedicating his time off duty, he still makes sure that all of his duties on shift are complete. In addition, he is constantly asking for more tasks and challenges so that he can learn even more and become an even better asset to the department. He is consistently proactive on all tasks and usually has the tasks completed before they are even asked of him.  

As Tech 1, he has been able to establish and run commands on significant alarms, and does so in a manner where he has gained the trust of Battalion Chiefs and Assistant Chiefs allowing him to continue being in command of the scene even after their arrivalLt. Baker’s energy and passion is unmatched. He works with the Seminole County Leadership Team on making not just the Fire Department – but the County as a whole – a more diverse work environment that is both equitable and inviting so that we can attract, keep and showcase all of our best talent. If Lt. Baker ever left, it would take four employees to replace him in order to carry all of the workload he now fulfills. The most important and significant characteristic of Lt. Baker is that no matter the job or the task, he does it with a smile and a positive attitude. His commitment ensures that SCFD is always going to be seen in a positive light, which is everything that a true leader exhibits.