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JHS Award Ceremony and Concert!

Jones High School Award Ceremony And Concert! One Choir, One Band, One Sound! Silver! Bronze! Diamond!


ORLANDO - A night of music and awards at Jones High School. The celebration was mind blowing, exciting, electrifying, amazing, fun, rewarding, breathe taking, uplifting and full of life. I must say I know the high school choir sounded good back in the days, but I don't know if they sounded this good. I can tell you I know now why these kids and this school were chosen to represent. Itís because they are simply just bad. Lol! I mean bad in a good sense. After listening to the Choir and the Orchestra, I'm proud to have went to Jones High School. These kids performed at Carnegie Hall which was just so amazing. The faculty and students were so supportive of their classmates. The atmosphere in this school during the event was nothing like you would ever experience. You just missed the greatest show on earth. The Jones High School awards ceremony was nice where some of the awards recipients were Commissioner Samuel B. Ings, District 6; Byron Brooks, City of Orlando; Bakari Burns, CEO Health Care For The Homeless, Inc.; and Kevin T. Collins, The Orlando Times newspaper. From the looks of the pictures I think everyone wanted to say hello to all of you. For most of them it was their first time hearing or seeing these kids perform. Okay! Let's get down to business, here we go five stars ***** goes to the principal Allison Kirby, choir director Andrea Green, band director Jamaal Nicholas and Ms. Katherine "Kat" Gordon, Orange County School Board Member.