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The most recent KIDS CAN COOK TV Show just aired in New York City at the lovely kitchen design company known as Manhattan Cabinet Company. Since this space is basically a showcase for how you would want your kitchen to look, built without a working kitchen, everything, and I mean everything, had to be brought to the location, all the Puff Pastry, the ones made with a desert filling of apricot jam, raisins, a sprinkle of cinnamon and a dash of butter, and, oh yes, some almond extract.

The main puff pastry was prepared by first roasting sliced up peppers, red, yellow and green, in olive oil and garlic with a dash of black pepper as, on The KIDS CAN COOK TV Show, we try to use hardly any salt to show the children how to eat healthy.

This was also done with a salad that the children prepared and a great Greek salad from The Cosmic Diner in New York City, which, at the end, everyone, parents, children crew all had plates of Puff Pastry with a mixture of their salad and the great Greek salad from the Cosmic Diner located on 52nd Street and 8th Avenue.

This also could not have been done without the great help of Walmart in Secaucus, New Jersey, who helped me to buy gifts and supplies for this show. I began in 1991, with our very first show taped at Dr. Martin Luther King High School to celebrate everything he stood for and fought for. From the beginning, I always wanted to celebrate all children from all countries and on this particular show, we did just that as the owner of Manhattan Cabinet Company and his beautiful children are from India. We also had children from the Middle East and from Israel, some of whom wore authentic clothing that represented their part of the world.

I am happy to say the show went off without a hitch, perhaps just a few bumps, and I was able to end, as always, this KIDS CAN COOK TV Show by thanking all the beautiful children and handing them goody bags with presents.

Now that this particular show is airing, I am headed for Orlando and all their exciting things to do. But first, the most beautiful Library located on Ft Myers Beach, where the elevator is designed to make you feel as though you are in the ocean, a great computer floor with everything you might want or need and don’t forget the Children’s floor with wonderful life size animals. This where I am working on my articles and do some of my best stories, with a little bit of help from some of the wonderful people at the Ft. Myers Beach Library.

Now it’s off to Orlando at the Extended Stay America’s Hotel and all that Orlando has to offer.

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We will be heading out on the I Ride Trolley, and stopping at all the exciting locations that the I Ride Trolley stops at on the International Drive Resort area. The Trolley has two routes: The Red Line Trolley goes to SeaWorld and stops conveniently every 20 minutes.


The Green Line Trolley route is the counterpart to the Red Line Trolley route, with service beginning in the Major Boulevard Business District. The Trolley is great fun for children and families, giving you the opportunity to hop on and off with your all-day pass and stop at all the wonderful sights to see in Orlando, which is what we did.Stopping at SeaWorld, and across the street from Universal, by the ICON Orlando, which includes Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, and Sea Life Aquarium. It also stops at over 275 Restaurants and over 100 Hotels. As well as stopping at both The Premium Outlet International and The Premium Outlet Vineland.


And then it was time for dinner at the Outback Steakhouse, centrally located at 8351 International Drive. 407-351-5482. Our crew with five of their children all enjoyed the wonderful food at Outback and a great time was had by all.




Press Release


The ‘KIDS CAN COOK’ TV Show was on location as we celebrated local children and continue to celebrate children from all countries and cultures, while highlighting foods from their respective country and culture -

On the above show we highlighted a great Greek Salad, one prepared by the Cosmic Diner in NYC., specifically for the show and so the children could re-create a similar one.

Our Next Stop is Orlando where I work on an article featuring all that Orlando has to offer and our group takes a tour of Orlando on the I-Ride Trolley.




Extended Stay America – Orlando Convention Center- 8750 Universal Blvd.

1-407-903-1500 -or -extendedstayamerica at 1-800-804-3724


I-RIDE Trolley - (The fun way to get around international drive, Orlando.) 407-248-9590.


Outback Steakhouse Orlando - 8351 International Drive, 407-351-5482


WALMART Secaucus, & Ft Myers Beach, Florida


The Cosmic Diner, NYC - (Known for its great Greek Salad & More.) - 52Street & 8th Ave. 212-333-5888


Manhattan Cabinets-NYC- 71ST St. & 2nd Ave. 212-548-2436


Also, a Special Thank you to Eric Tibbs from Edward Jones, as well as Walmart and the Fort Myers Beach Kiwanis Club, with their wonderful consignment shop located on Pine Ridge and Summerlin. All helped us in our endeavor to reach out to help a very important organization called The Division of Blind Services right here in Lee County. You could say Ft. Myers helping Ft. Myers. And you can also help this so very important organization by donating to the Division of Blind Services in the following way: contacting Tami Oates at 850-245-0300 or toll free at 800-342-1828, or web site:


The “KIDS CAN COOK” TV Show is a vehicle to teach proper nutrition, build a social exchange & create a learning experience in an entertaining format. Also included are P.S.A’S for Safety on the Water. Sylvia Garson is the Executive Producer of The KIDS CAN COOK TV Show and is sole owner of the Trademark KIDS CAN COOK. For contact information email at