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Mrs. Diann Galloway Williams


Co-Founder Of Drop D No Limits Foundation & Vice President: Mrs. Diann Galloway Williams Making History!


ORLANDO – Women’s History Month! Watch out now! Mrs. Diann Williams along with her professional career was the co-founder and Vice President of Ski-Hi Production, and is currently the co-founder and Vice President of the Drop D No Limits Foundation. None of these things did Mrs. Diann Williams ask for. She wanted to have a family and marry a good man that she could be proud of. Right! Mrs. Diann Williams believes that she must stand with her husband. Mrs. Diann Williams is an employee for the same job for 15 years and a college graduate from Herzing College with a 4.0 gpa and she made the Dean’s List. She earned an Associate Degree in Computer Science Network from Herzing College. Mrs. Williams has helped hundreds of thousands of people from Hurricane relief parties, awards ceremonies and community events. I asked some of Orlando residents, community leaders, City officials and Government officials for two words that would best describe my wife, Mrs. Diann Williams, and this is what I got back: “Elegant, Strong, Honorable, Beautiful, Accomplished, Virtuous, Godly, Black Queen, Unique, Engaging, Charismatic, Supportive, Devoted, Dedicated, Humble, Servant, Beautiful Spirit, Vivacious, Faithful, Community Involvement Services, Dependable, Trusting, Caring, Loving, Compassionate and Powerful.” Mrs. Diann Williams is also a proud mother, grandmother and wife to her family who's she loves so very much. Mrs. Diann Williams is MY Black queen for this year’s Women’s History Month and forever. She Will Meet Me There, And Beat Me There! My Queen!