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OPD and OFD Relief Efforts

Orlando Police Department & Orlando Fire Department Relief Efforts! Making Sure Your Neighbors Are Prepared!


ORLANDO - Do you see what I see? Is that the OPD, Orlando Police Department, and OFD, Orlando Fire Department, doing everything from cooking it to serving it? Okay, who’s washing the dishes? Not me! Lol! These types of efforts are going on all over the City of Orlando as hurricane relief efforts. People helping people. This event took place in the Lakemann Community. All residents that came out were able to eat all they wanted and got a case of water. A lot the churches are also working together for the communities by providing food, water and ice. The OPD and OFD officers are working long hours patrolling our streets and attending events. This city has fallen and the residents are starting to rebuild and reopen as we prepare to move forward. We're soldiers for life. Our purpose is to prepare for the future. History is behind us, but look at how we work together in the future in the presence of people loving people. If I was a kid, I would think that all the adults have changed. They're all getting along with one another. Just look at them cooking together, eating together and helping each other clean up the community together. I would say something's wrong with them but I like it. Everyone helping everyone is just awesome. As an adult I hope we can continue to work together, eat together and look out for one another. What we're doing now, I ask that we continue this effort, not just in the event of a disaster. The officers feel better about their jobs knowing that they are doing something good for mankind. Just look at the smiles on the officers faces. All he can see is he's doing some good things and people still see him as an officer of the law. The OFD officers are just as awesome out there every day doing the same thing, helping others. It's has to be a great feeling inside. I would like to think that the great citizens of the beautiful City of Orlando, Florida love what you officers are doing. Keep up the great work!!