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The Voices of the People

Allyson Forton
"I have seen everyone just come together as a community to help as much as they can and at a time like this the victims and their families need all the support they can get.

Angela Gay

I was driving past a church with a sign that said, Pray for the victims of Pulse. It was nice to see them put their beliefs aside to show compassion for the victims."

Amanda Lopez

I think it is amazing how this terrible tragedy can bring our community together in such an amazing way. The amount of people who have come together to raise money, donate blood, and help mourn those who weve lost, is way more than anyone could have imagined and it is a testament to how much our community cares for its people. Even businesses have come together to donate services for those who have lost loved ones and those who are trying to help donate blood.

Billy "William" Speiser

I have seen so many positive things throughout Florida, from a man driving over 1000 miles to put crosses up for each victim to thousands joining together in candlelight to honor the fallen. Its nice to see love and happiness in our community again, even in the face of this horrific hate crime.

Jose Lavalle

I have seen that a lot of Orlandos citizens are working hard to help out those who have been hurt by all thats happened. Its uplifting to see people striving for love instead of hate.

Kale Kranert

I was at the vigil at Lake Eola, and I have never seen so much love in my life. An entire community was hugging, passing out waters, sharing tears and flowers. Simply seeing that much unity was beautiful.

Katie Morris

I have seen the multiple blood drives that are going on to help the victims in the hospitals. Its really nice to see the people of Orlando come together during this tragedy.

Madison Clinger

I work at Universal Studios and they have a blood bus for the employees to donate to. Its nice to see that they are supporting the victims since one of the victims worked here.

Rayne Mazur

"My boyfriend and I were having dinner at Disney Springs and our waitress noticed that my boyfriend was wearing a shirt for someone he knew that passed away due to the shooting. She brought us free ice cream and told us it was for the hard week. Then on our receipt she crossed out the space to leave a tip and wrote, Dont leave one! Pay it forward. Do something nice for yourselves. So sorry for your loss. Orlando strong. It left us both in tears."

One Orlando Collection Initiative Preservation

Process Begins

     ORANGE COUNTY - The One Orlando Collection Initiative a partnership between Orange County Government and the City of Orlando began on June 27 at the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts (DPC) and Lake Eola to preserve memorial items of the Pulse Orlando nightclub tragedy for the long-term memory of the community.

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