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People Will Take Care Of You!

Go Out And Take Care Of My People! People Will Take Care Of You!


ORLANDO This was a normal Saturday morning on my way to Palmer's Feed store for the Jamz At The Feed Store event. I was on my way there when I noticed a group of people on Parramore dressed in orange shirts. The first thing I saw was a couple of people praying with a young lady. People were lined up to receive some good food with a smile. I noticed they were well organized and the ladies were serving everyone and making sure they were okay. The guys were doing all the cooking. I was like this is how you do this. So finally I got the opportunity to talk with one of the representatives. Mr. Jose told me that they are a faith based ministry doing outreach for their church. He also shared with me that every Thursday night they go out to the Parramore community to also do outreach. There was one lady there that must've been having some kind of problems, because as you can see in the picture the Pastor and some of the ladies from the church were praying with her and was very touching. Just looking at them as they asked God to help her and bless her in favor. It was amazing! The residents there were pleased because they think just like you and myself. Some of these same people that are out here helping them are so close to being in there shoes. Homeless or displaced with nothing and trying to get back on their feet. Just because someone is doing something to help you doesn't mean that they're doing great in life. It only shows that they care about other people. We all can be without at any moment, so when you see an organization doing work like this just think last week the one that is serving was on the other side of the table. Hmm! Getting help now sees it in their hearts to help others. Looking at all these prayer warriors out here makes you want to get up and go help someone. Hey I gotta go, but before I do the Pastor said, "Mr. Williams we are here to help you." So you can look forward to seeing them in the Holden Heights community here in Orlando as well. See you in the next Selfie!