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Pulse Poem

Central Florida Educator Pays Tribute To Pulse Victims

ORLANDO - Educating our youth can be a pastime, but for one Central Florida Educator, its a consistent passion. Dr. Barbara McLean-Smith, former Principal of the Rio Grande Charter School of Excellence in Orlando and current Reading Tutor at Gotha Middle School, carries her values into the classroom. When asked what motivated her to pen this tribute poem she replied, I was watching the news and became overwhelmed. This senseless act of evil was so devastating to me. All I could do was trust God, and those words are what He gave me.

Here is a reprinting of her poem for our readers.



A measure of life
A measure of death

young people happy
Older too, free, loving, living,
Some gay...what does it matter,  they chose that way

LGBTQ, they're people
like you and me
Jesus paid the price
for us all to be free

On the town for fun and games
How sad, we now know their names.
They Died in fear, hope and prayer
Now the whole world is aware.

A measure of life
A measure of death

A club, a place to go
to smile, laugh and dance
These young ones now
Hurt, dead Without a chance
Now victims, known to the world
No one cares whether boy or girl.

A measure of life
A measure of death

Some died some injured
Trying to survive.
Thank you God
some, still alive.

We plead, we cry, we wonder Why?
Lord, Help us all look to the sky.
A Rainbow,
One of God's gift, we're told;
only His hand can we hold
Praying  and prayer, the only way
to get through each and every day.

A measure of life
A measure of death