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Saluting The Partners Of The Orlando Times


CENTRAL FLORIDA - There are true benefits to partnering with The Orlando Times newspaper and the paper’s current partners continue to make education beneficial for our community.

The Sponsors of Education program originated when Dr. Calvin Collins Jr., Publisher and Founder of The Orlando Times newspaper, met with the School Board Superintendents of Orange, Seminole, Osceola and Lake Counties, first with the thought of the school boards purchasing papers. The respective school systems at the time didn’t have the funds to purchase papers, but agreed to carry the papers at their schools.

With additional permission of each school principal, the schools began carrying the newspapers and The Orlando Times newspaper became the first African-American newspaper to circulate in the school system.

This circulation, supported by these business partners of The Orlando Times newspaper, allows students of the elementary, middle and high school level to receive and read current Black news.

Papers circulate to over one hundred schools in Orange, Seminole, Osceola and Lake Counties, creating new readership for the paper. Circulation within the schools ensures that The Orlando Times newspaper will remain a widely read and supported publication for generations to come. Distributors deliver The Orlando Times newspaper to each school campus weekly.

The Orlando Times newspaper also features a Partner Profile each week in the newspaper, which honors a select partner within the Sponsors of Education section.

Many of our partners have significant developments which they publish in The Orlando Times newspaper, such as Dr. Baker’s new medicinal techniques, noted Urologist Dr. Abraham Woods, Dr. Reginald Tall’s multiple years as a premier Central Florida Spinal Surgeon, Dr. Joy Davis’ annual trips to Israel with her congregations and Dr. Legrande’s current educational project, Project I.AM., which fits into the current 2017-2018 school year.

Legrande aspires to bring principles to the pavement through the new curriculum produced by her "Changing the Game for a New Generation" organization. She established, “Changing the Game for a New Generation”, a subsidiary of her ministry, Fruit of Glory Ministries.

Project I.A.M. abbreviated for “Inspiring Amazing Minds”, is a non-academic curriculum designed to equip “at risk” children towards transcending their environment.

Dr. Legrande is a Minister, Medical practitioner and Non-Profit Manager, who rose to movement and ministry with Changing the Game for a New Generation and the Call to Action meetings.

“I hosted call to action meetings for two years, now it’s time to put the work behind our words. We’ve met enough. Now, we’re seeking committed people” She said.

Another manner in which the Partners of Education greatly benefit The Orlando Times newspaper is through the High School Page Program, wherein journalism students publish their news on one page in The Orlando Times newspaper on a weekly basis.

That program was established in the year 2000 by the newspaper’s publisher, Dr. Calvin Collins Jr.

The Times features professionals across the medical field in the areas of urology, gastroenterology, orthopedic and oral health. Dr. Brian Coleman’s partner feature discussed the benefits of oral health and how lack of attention towards oral health can affect the entire body’s well-being.

Likewise, Dr. Reginald Tall provided insight into orthopedic surgery for students interested in the field, and County Commissioner Victoria Siplin taught readers that despite the odds, there are opportunities, in her partner feature.

These partners, across the political, professional, historical, mortuary and medical industries, help inspire youth to continue striving.

“If you’re in doubt about the world tomorrow, start it tomorrow. If you’re sure about it, start it today.”- Dr. John Henrik Clarke