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Treat Me Fair Initiative Recognizes Future Bright Leaders At Carver Middle School For Black History Month

Photo: Ms. Conyers, (Students left to right) Kayla Nord, Jenelle Henderson, Tyshaun Greene, Nolan Maurielle and Ms. Truitt, CMS Principal

LAKE COUNTY - Four students at Carver Middle School (CMS) in Leesburg, Florida, experienced Black History Month in a different way this year. They were surprised when Tasha Mack, founder of Treat Me Fair Initiative (TMFI) informed them they were chosen by their teacher to be honored with an award and a basket full of items that they like.

Tyshaun Greene, Jeanelle Henderson, Nolan Mauriell and Kayla Nord, all eighth-grade students, were chosen because “they were achieving academically…are all very quiet, humble and bright leaders,” said Ms. Conyers, Carver Middle School guidance counselor. “It’s important to build the confidence of our youth, not just recognize those students who already see themselves as leaders. This was definitely a mission of encouragement!”

Tyshaun Greene, a CMS band member who plays the tuba, said he was “proud and thankful” for receiving the award.

“I liked the fact that so many paved the way and made a difference,” said Nolan Maurielle, when he discussed what he learned about Black History Month,

Most of them watched movies and read books concerning Black achievers and historical events involving Black people in America.

Commenting on her reaction to TMFI choosing CMS to participate in its Black History program, Ms. Truitt, CMS principal, said, “I was shocked and excited at the same time. Our youth who are exemplifying responsibility and showing consistency, especially in a time when change is rampant as a direct result of the pandemic, deserve to be recognized.”

Is TMFI a viable resource for your school in bringing awareness to good causes that your students can benefit from? That’s a resounding “yes” from Counselor Conyers. “Absolutely, TMFI seems to be an organization who works to build their community and choosing CMS at this very moment was nothing short of an inspirational interaction.”

Tasha and husband James have a mindset to support their community by giving back to it. They compose the driving force behind TMFI, a non-profit organization started in June 2020 in the wake of the killing of George Floyd, an unarmed Black man, by police in Minnesota.

Tasha, who has “always done some kind of community service in my neighborhood,” found it very easy to start a non-profit organization. “My heart was led to start a non-profit… We listen, learn, and take action.” She wanted a different way to celebrate Black History Month. TMFI made a tangible contribution, Tasha honored four deserving students with an award for achievement and a basket with all kinds of goodies.

TMFI and Tasha Mack were “pleasantly pleased that I continued the initiative with CMS for the entire month.”

It was a rewarding, memorable and a heartfelt Black History Month experience.

Photo: James Mack (Students left to right) Kayla Nord, Jenelle Henderson, Tyshaun Greene and Nolan Maurielle with Tasha Mack