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When will the killing stop?

Fathers And Mothers With Tears In Their Eyes!

When Will The Killing Stop?


     ORLANDO - What a story that I'm about tell you about the press release "To Cease Fire in Our Communities." Letís start with Holden Heights and Mercy Drive. Let's keep it real! What about the Eastside and Southside of Orlando, Parramore and all the other communities? A parent is supposed to see their children grow up into adults. Not watch them being shot down in the streets like wild animals. This just hurts our communities as a whole and make us look bad as individuals. So we as community leaders, community activists and city officials, are asking the citizens of our communities to put down the guns and cease fire. Come out and let's talk about how to make changes. As community leaders we first must stop saying that our community is the problem and that the people that live in the areas where these shootings occur are doing these drive by shootings.  Whether intentional or not, people are making accusations when they say things like, "the people in our community are doing the drive by shootings and that our community can do better," when in reality we don't know who really did the drive by shootings in most cases. We have to stop convicting the community without actual facts.  On my way home on the same day of the press release in the community in which the most recent shooting took place, I noticed  law enforcement officers pulling over everyone that lives in the area. Now how crazy is that? I guess this was their way of showing that they were actively working to find the shooter(s). I don't know what to do about the communities problems when it comes to gun control laws or increasing the time served in jail. We do know that individual that's involved with these type of crimes should go to jail for a very long time or for life. Taking the lives of these fathers and mothers of tomorrow must stop. For the press release to get the word out to public, channels 2, 6 and 9 covered the story. Commissioner Regina I. Hill of District 5 called for the press release, asking for all the community leaders, activists and pastors to join her in calling for a cease fire and put down the guns. So I'm not going to say we as people need to do better and convict us. I will say let's look out for each other more than usual. Don't tell on someone, just point at them. "DON'T TELL, POINT!" Drop D No Limits Foundation New Stop The Violence Slogan "DON'T TELL, POINT!" Another Drop D No Limits Foundation Production!