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Zora Neale Festival


The Zora Neale Hurston Festival Of The Arts And Humanities
Zora Is Not Only One Of A Kind, But There Is No Other! 2018 Festival Of The Arts! Chubb Rock, Lakeside & Zapp Band!

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EATONVILLE - In my Zapp voice "Now Wait a Minute It"! Look here come Lakeside wanting you to go on a Fantastic Voyage and I didn't bring my passport. Lol! Look Central Florida, the show you've been waiting for has just left the building. If you're talking about old school funk, oh wow! It doesn't get better than that show. Just a party from the beginning to the end and don't forget Chubb Rock did his thang. Being back stage was an awesome experience when you get to meet people like Reginald Dantzler, Reginald Lewis, Lester Troutman and Mark Wood. In early 1969, The Nomads met The Montereys, and formed a band and a singing group consisting of lead guitarist and founding members Stephen Shockley, Mark Wood, Tiemeyer McCain, Tony White, and Brian Marbury. The two groups played together in musical revues in the tri-state area of Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky. My wife, Diann, and I had a great time with Mr. Mark Wood, lead singer of the group Lakeside, as I interviewed him backstage at this year's Zora Festival of the Arts. Mr. Mark Wood talked about kids staying in school and off the streets. He said he would like to see more kids playing music and prayer back in the schools. Lester Troutman is the brother of the great late Roger Troutman of the classic band ZAPP! What an amazing person. He's so humble and has a heart of gold. My wife, Diann Williams, said that Mr. Lester Troutman is such a nice and an outgoing guy. I tell you these guys are all about the music, fun and full of energy that it takes to be some the world’s greatest entertainers. ZAPP! The family group of original members started with brothers Roger, Lester, Larry, and Tony Troutman, grew up in Hamilton, OH, influenced by hometown heroes the Ohio Players as well as Parliament and other funk groups. Like I said being backstage is an awesome experience. All members of both bands were very sociable as they engaged in conversation and took pictures with fans. They really showed appreciation for their fans. Five stars***** goes to the Town of Eatonville, Florida for not letting us forget who we are. Festival of the Arts!